Mason Developments

Make living beautiful

Creating a beautiful story that evolves throughout the day, from morning sunrise mist to evening stillness and sunset. Driving with the open window to build up to arriving home to the gates. Giving a warm, nostalgic mood.

Waking up in the morning with the heartwarming sounds of birds chirping, crickets and the cool morning breeze. Sunrise through to sunset in the mountains Waking up with a hot steaming coffee (can almost smell it) just the hand or very close up cup. Driving through beautiful wine farms. Car windows open for an adventurous drive through the valleys and the beautiful farm roads. Stopping at the local deli, picking up flowers from the stall. Having a picnic with family. Horses for the wild experience and parks where dogs jump out to play. Showing the essence of what it means to be so fortunate to live in Constantia A level of luxury, splendour, and warm sophistication. Memories and nostalgia are the main themes of the story, connecting the viewers with the brand leaving them feeling emotionally moved.