‘A change is as good as a break’ or ‘two minds are better than one’! Both dreadful clichés but nevertheless true to a certain extent!

River Collective were recently asked to work with a group of key stakeholders within the Exeter based Met Office. The session was to review and discuss a project that over time had lost its way, losing key stakeholder engagement but was felt to still be a product with a tangible benefit in communicating all the good work that exists within the Met Office.

River Collective was represented by David Abrahams, Head of Brand Strategy, he explains, “The session was really interesting as the project involves multiple departments within the Met Office, I was able to facilitate the process and bring in relevant branding and publishing experiences brought from other industries into the discussion. The outcome was very positive, and the project would appear to have had new life breathed into it by all the people in the room”.

The River Collective ethos is to start at the source of any project, we get to this by talking face-to-face trying to understand as much as we can – Starting with Why! (Thanks Simon Sinek). The other benefit we have here, is that we can build a ‘Collective’ of skilled individuals to help facilitate the process, as the next step with the Met Office is to help review their new design directions and maybe consider creating a sub set of their brand guidelines – so its planned that the River Collective will attend with a brand consultant and designer to maximise our time together.

In this type of session, the key is for the facilitator to guide the audience into discovering the solutions for themselves. David has run numerous ‘thought sessions’ and has his own formulae for making them successful. If the River Collective can help facilitate discussions within your organisation, around brand, marketing or communications we’d love to come and discuss further.