Anthony Joshua

River Collective were invited to pitch for the apparel branding for British professional boxer Anthony Joshua MBE.

The brief from AJ’s merchandising team expressed a desire for an icon to reflect the champion’s hard work, dedication and discipline, whilst maintaining Anthony’s public image.

Strength in collaboration

The designs convey an honourable, powerful and fashionable ‘warrior’ who can remain calm/ level headed under immense pressure. The strength of the Collective, brought together a brand presentation that focused on two key areas;

  • The development of the client’s initials AJ
  • The development of an instantly recognisable badge or icon

Here are just a few examples presented in the pitch. Please note the main logo is copyright of Anthony Joshua.

Collective Members who have worked with Anthony Joshua:

  • David Abrahams – MD
  • Craig McLaughlin – Lead Designer
  • Karl Bewick – Designer
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