Over the Christmas break we implemented our new brand – I hope you like the simplicity, we certainly do…and judging by client comments so do you/they.

I wanted to tell you the story behind the process as it highlights the other benefits that can come out of re-branding.


I blogged before about our visit to the D&AD New Blood event (so worthwhile for everyone to attend), and I suppose this is the completion of that journey.

Whilst there I was blown away by the level of commerciality that I saw in these fledgling designers, one piece of work that stood out were three beer bottle labels…

This was a piece of work by young designer Karl Bewick – over the passing days after the event I came to conclusion that I wanted to give a commercial brief out to three designers including Karl. A long story short, Karl embarked on working up a new identity and brand architecture for RC – the outcome is now on general release.


Not only can a re-brand add new energy to a business, it can help to give new designers exciting briefs to cut their teeth on.

RC are not afraid to throw large briefs at young designers in fact the complete opposite – one of largest branding opportunities ever offered to us is now being worked on by Karl, supported by a decent brief and other members of the Collective.

If you have five minutes, go and show him some love…