Over the last few months we’ve been working on three exciting projects with one conjoining element. The thrust of the project was to make sure new food products are relevant as they arrive to market.

Timing with any New Product Development (NPD) is crucial, with food even more so. To co-inside with a current food trend is massively beneficial to food producers and supermarkets but this also has to mean that the producers are agile enough to cope with a rapid and ever changing NPD channel.

The element that connected these three projects was research based and was River Collective creating a consumer ‘feeling’ profile. What do you and I think about food? Buying it? Cooking it? Tasting it?

Food is such a well supported and considered category the need for massively expensive research routines is almost not necessary. Food bloggers provide such a massive output of opinion about trends and tastes it gives the researcher a constant flow of reference.

Our ‘feeling’ profile was finished and turned into today’s almost obligatory info-graphic and has been used by our client to re-align three new distinctly different food ranges.

River Collective has then taken the research and built range positioning documents including brand and packaging look and feel to support the NPD of each of these ranges. Our client then uses these to sell-in new range concepts to the big six supermarkets here in the UK.

The moral to this story is research does not need to cost a fortune, but when its considered and presented well it allows new ideas to fly. Give us a call if you would like to hear more about the process and how our unique way of working can benefit you.