I was lucky enough to be invited by our client the Met Office to be guest at the D&AD New Blood Festival 2016. A showcase of the latest talent freshly released by the countries leading design Universities.

In short it was an awesome experience to see such a wealth of pure talent on display and a real jolt for a business like ours that celebrates design and creativity – it made me think of how many potential Collective members I was looking at in one room in Brick Lane…

On returning from London armed with loads brochures and cards I decided to shift through and offer a commercial brief to a hand picked selection of my favourites.

This is where it gets interesting…

I reached out to three designers firstly to inquire if they were interested in a paid project…I had 1 reaction immediately and 2 responses over 10 days later with varying degrees of apathy!

I was left thinking that perhaps the system is creating great design talent but not furnishing this talent with some very basic life/business skills…All said and done I’ve now placed my project with a real talent from North of the boarder Karl Bewick give his work a look and let me know what you think –

* Thanks D&AD for the title of my post!