First things first…I’m David Abrahams, Founder of the River Collective.

I’ve been involved in design, branding and marketing for over 20 years. Throughout my career journey I’ve wondered what my own business would look like, How would Clients benefit? What would their experience be like?

I set River Collective up at the end of February and since then I’ve been lucky enough to of had some very positive discussions with both existing and potential clients.

The site describes why I believe we have something different to give clients. Each brief is given specific thought into which people are best to deliver it. Then reviewing the brief with an integrated eye making sure we assess all up and down stream impact the project has.

I believe that this unique approach to resolving design projects by using hand picked experts is the way forward, a more agile and scalable approach to modern communications.

The organic off-shoot of the business model is the celebration of the immensely talented pool of freelance and independent design practitioners here in the South West, it also allows River Collective to recognise new emerging talent and help blood these individuals with commercial projects.

So with any new endeavour I’m really excited to see where this journey takes me…Perhaps I’ll start to get some answers to my questions about what people think about using River Collective!

It almost goes without saying if you have any design, branding or communications requirements I’d love to sit down and listen to hear more about you and what you’re trying to achieve.